I'm Finnian

What do I do?

I am a keen sailor and freelance web developer, with experience in technologies such as Xcode/Swift, JavaScript, Python, HTML, SASS, Vue, Nuxt, Ruby on Rails, .NET MVC and Node.js.

I am dedicated to the projects I work on and love to work within passionate, motivated teams. If you'd like a hand with a project or just want to say hi, please get in touch.

I am a contributor to the OpenFaaS project and am really enjoying working with other like-minded people on the future of serverless functions. Check out my blog post on @ColoriseBot for more info.

All of my open source work is available on GitHub and if you've got money to throw at a problem, I love learning new things and working with new people.

Want to keep up with what I'm up to? Head over to my blog for the latest!


FleetReach is a fully fledged, feature rich, data-driven sailing management platform.

Boasting personalised user statistics, crew and helm invites and a whole host of other features, FleetReach is the ultimate solution to managing your sailing events.

How much do you need to exercise to burn off that pizza?

Healthy was built in four hours by five young web developers, at the ODI annual Summit.

Sandfly Map is an iOS app which I developed for tourists and travellers in New Zealand to contribute to a map of sandfly hotspots.

I built it during the first half of 2019 and it has just launched on the App Store. Find out more.

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Selected achievements

DockerCon EU

October 2017

I spoke at DockerCon EU in Copenhagen with my friend Oli Callaghan about ColoriseBot, a Twitter bot which automatically colourises black and white images using machine learning and OpenFaaS serverless functions.

The bot went on to go viral on Twitter and was highlighted on news sites such as Le Monde and The Next Web. ColoriseBot is now being sponsored to run on Google Kubernetes Engine and was also featured in the opening keynote at KubeCon in Austin, TX.

Read my blog post about ColoriseBot to find out more.

Sailing Dinghy Instructor

Summer 2014

I achieved my Assistant Instructor qualification in the Summer of 2014 and went on to complete a few placements at Alton Water Sports Centre. This involved leading and managing a series of 1-day intensive beginner and advanced sailing courses for primary school children.

The courses included teaching basic and more advanced sailing skills, giving demonstrations and leading dinghy fleets whilst coordinating activities with other instructors. In the summer of 2016, I passed my RYA Dinghy Instructor qualification.


June 2015 - present

In June 2015, I founded FleetReach, a sailing event management platform. My role as Senior Software Engineer and Founder has involved building the entire website itself, front and back-end, implementing the algorithms for scoring participants and also the design for the site.