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Post-Birthday Hack: Arduino GPS

For my birthday, Ben James gave me some geeky goodies including a uBlox NEO-6M GPS module.

As soon as I had a moment, I rigged it up to my Arduino and uploaded this sketch from ArduinoTronics.

The pin connection layout is this:

GPS RX -> Arduino digital 4 (D4)

GPS TX -> Arduino digital 3 (D3)

GPS GND -> Arduino GND

GPS VCC -> Arduino 5V

It took a while to get a fix (find a satellite) but after it had, I received this over the serial port!:

I have my GPS module in mind for a secret project which is to be launched soon, so keep your ears pricked!

EDIT 15/04/15:

Just took the module and Arduino out for a drive in the car and then plotted all the points (about 500 of them) on a map - I am very pleased with the results.

Our quick drive around

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