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Colourising Video with OpenFaaS Serverless Functions

How do you deploy a serverless function to colourise videos using machine learning? Take OpenFaaS & combine it with Caffe to deploy an autoscaling service.

7-Minute Read

In a previous post I talked about how to deploy serverless functions to an OpenFaaS cluster with ease. This post expands on this to show how we deployed a Machine Learning algorithm to colourise black & white videos using OpenFaaS. We presented the end result of this at DockerCon EU 2017 in the Community Theatre in Copenhagen.

DockerCon 2017 - highlights & experiences

Check out what I got up to at DockerCon17, including my Docker load monitor which I did a demo of in my presentation as well as my top moments of the week.

6-Minute Read

So, DockerCon! It turns out that building cool stuff gets you places. Back in 2016, I built a Docker Swarm from 5 Raspberry Pis by following Captain Alex Ellis’ tutorial and then went on to create two different visualisations for the swarm to demonstrate real time load balancing. This was picked up by Alex who got in touch soon after with the amazing news that Docker wanted to invite me to DockerCon17 in Austin, TX! I was incredibly excited about the prospect and asked if I would be able to give…

TweetDock at DockerCon

For the DockerCon17 museum, I created TweetDock - a visualiser monitoring #DockerCon, made with Docker and Raspberry Pi. Find out how I made it and more!

3-Minute Read

A couple of weeks before DockerCon 2017, Victor Coisne asked me whether I would like to create a demo for the DockerCon museum. Having built a hardware gauge with two dials already, it wasn’t going to be very hard to build another! This time, instead of showing load on a swarm, I hooked the dials up to the Twitter Search API to monitor the usage of #DockerCon on Twitter in real time. This was a really fun and quick project to build as I already knew how to make all the hardware. The code is very…

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