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Rapid development with Node.js and Docker

Bullet proof guide on how to create tiny Docker images for Node.js in production, configure your dev environment, automate your release cycle and more!

6-Minute Read

I have quite a few Nodejs repos on GitHub and until now I’ve not migrated any of them to Docker because I didn’t really know how. The other day I had a ping on Twitter about the URL shortener I helped complete early this year, so I decided that now was the time to work out the best way to do it:

Ship Serverless Functions to your Docker Swarm with OpenFaaS

Functions as a Service is a really neat way of implementing serverless functions with Docker. See how to deploy a FaaS function to a remote Docker Swarm!

4-Minute Read

Open Functions as a Service or OpenFaaS (lead by Alex Ellis) is a really neat way of implementing serverless functions with Docker. You can build out functions in any programming language and then deploy them to your existing Docker Swarm.

DockerCon 2017 - highlights & experiences

Check out what I got up to at DockerCon17, including my Docker load monitor which I did a demo of in my presentation as well as my top moments of the week.

6-Minute Read

So, DockerCon! It turns out that building cool stuff gets you places. Back in 2016, I built a Docker Swarm from 5 Raspberry Pis by following Captain Alex Ellis’ tutorial and then went on to create two different visualisations for the swarm to demonstrate real time load balancing. This was picked up by Alex who got in touch soon after with the amazing news that Docker wanted to invite me to DockerCon17 in Austin, TX! I was incredibly excited about the prospect and asked if I would be able to give…

TweetDock at DockerCon

For the DockerCon17 museum, I created TweetDock - a visualiser monitoring #DockerCon, made with Docker and Raspberry Pi. Find out how I made it and more!

3-Minute Read

A couple of weeks before DockerCon 2017, Victor Coisne asked me whether I would like to create a demo for the DockerCon museum. Having built a hardware gauge with two dials already, it wasn’t going to be very hard to build another! This time, instead of showing load on a swarm, I hooked the dials up to the Twitter Search API to monitor the usage of #DockerCon on Twitter in real time. This was a really fun and quick project to build as I already knew how to make all the hardware. The code is very…

How and why I migrated from Wordpress to Ghost

Learn how I immigrated from WP to Ghost, how I dealt with SEO, old links and other problems and which tools I used.

3-Minute Read

To be honest, it wasn’t Wordpress that was the issue. Having all my content spread across the web wasn’t really working very well anymore so I decided to take the plunge and migrate to To start with, I thought I’d just move the entire site to it’s new home on my server but I ended up changing my mind entirely and started using Ghost.

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